When is Spring Break 2019?
Dates & Destinations

It's that time of year when you ask yourself: "When is Spring Break?" - Campus Vacations has your 2019 Spring Break dates & destinations.

Here we go again! The question on everyone’s mind is: When is Spring Break? Already thousands of students are planning their trip down to CancunPunta CanaPuerto Vallarta or Cabo with their friends for the most excitement-filled week of the academic calendar. Use our handy schedule to find out when your Spring Break is or check to see when your friends are off because not every university or college has the same week off.


Below you will find a list of many Colleges and Universities in the US and Canada and their Spring Break dates. Campus Vacations suggests you contact your school's academic calendar for exact dates. Be sure follow us on our exclusive Spring Break Facebook Page to see what's popular this year. Or, fill out a form at the top or on the side to get all the Spring Break info you need!

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*Dates are approximate and may change

School Start Date (2018) End Date (2018) Destination Trip Code
School Start Date (2017) End Date (2017) Destination Trip Code
Acadia UniversityFebruary 20February 23TBDTBD
Adelphi UniversityMar 11March 17TBDTBD
Albright CollegeMar 15March 24TBDTBD
Alfred State CollegeMar 10March 19TBDTBD
Alfred UniversityMar 08March 18TBDTBD
Algoma UniversityFebruary 19February 23TBDTBD
Algonquin CollegeFebruary 19February 23TBDTBD
Allegheny CollegeMar 16March 24TBDTBD
Amherst CollegeMar 10March 18TBDTBD
Anne Arundel Community CollegeMar 10March 17TBDTBD
Arizona State UniversityMar 04March 8TBDTBD
Assumption CollegeMar 04March 10TBDTBD
Athabasca UniversityMar 30Apr 2TBDTBD
Atlantic School of TheologyFebruary 20February 23TBDTBD
Auburn UniversityMar 9March 16TBDTBD
Augustana CollegeFeb 15March 4TBDTBD
Babson CollegeMarch 18March 22TBDTBD
Barnard CollegeMar 10March 18TBDTBD
Baylor UniversityMar 03March 11TBDTBD
Bentley UniversityMar 03March 11TBDTBD
Berkeley CollegeMar 25March 29TBDTBD
Berkeley College - Lower Manhattan CampusApr 14April 22TBDTBD
Berkeley College - Midtown CampusApr 14April 22TBDTBD
Binghamton UniversityMar 16March 25TBDTBD
Bloomsburg University of PennsylvaniaMar 10March 18TBDTBD
Boston CollegeMar 04March 9TBDTBD
Boston UniversityMar 09March 17TBDTBD
Bowdoin CollegeMar 8March 25TBDTBD
Bowling Green State UniversityMar 18Mar 22TBDTBD
Bradley UniversityMarch 14March 23TBDTBD
Brandeis UniversityFeb 18/April 19Feb 22/April 26TBDTBD
Brandon UniversityFebruary 20February 23TBDTBD
Bridgewater State UniversityMar 11March 15TBDTBD
Brock UniversityFebruary 19February 23TBDTBD
Brookdale Community CollegeMarch 17March 23TBDTBD
Brown UniversityMar 23March 31TBDTBD
Bryant CollegeMarch 11March 17TBDTBD
Bryn Mawr CollegeMar 08Mar 17, 2019TBDTBD
Bucknell UniversityMar 8March 18TBDTBD
Buffalo StateMar 17March 25TBDTBD
Butler UniversityMar 11Mar 15TBDTBD
Cabrini CollegeFeb 25March 4TBDTBD
California University of PennsylvaniaMar 10March 17TBDTBD
Canisius CollegeMar 31April 7TBDTBD
Cape Breton UniversityFeb 20Feb 24TBDTBD
Carl Sandburg CollegeMar 10March 17TBDTBD
Carleton UniversityFeb 19Feb 23TBDTBD
Carnegie Mellon UniversityMar 11March 15TBDTBD
Castleton State CollegeApr 05April 15TBDTBD
Catholic University of AmericaMar 03March 10TBDTBD
Cazenovia CollegeMar 10March 17TBDTBD
Cedar Crest CollegeMar 04March 8TBDTBD
Central Connecticut State UniversityMar 10March 17TBDTBD
Champlain CollegeFeb 26March 2TBDTBD
Chestnut Hill CollegeMar 03March 10TBDTBD
Clarion University of PennsylvaniaMar 10March 17TBDTBD
Clark UniversityMar 04Mar 8TBDTBD
Clarkson UniversityMar 15March 25TBDTBD
Clemson UniversityMar 18March 22TBDTBD
Coastal Carolina UniversityMar 03March 10TBDTBD
Colby CollegeMar 23March 31TBDTBD
Colgate UniversityMar 9March 17TBDTBD
College of DuPageMar 25March 31TBDTBD
College of New JerseyMar 18March 22TBDTBD
College of Notre Dame of MarylandMar 26Apr 2, 2018TBDTBD
College of the Holy CrossMar 02Mar 11TBDTBD
College of William and MaryMar 2March 10TBDTBD
Colorado State UniversityMar 16March 25TBDTBD
Columbia University-NYMar 18March 22TBDTBD
Concordia UniversityFebruary 19February 25TBDTBD
Conestoga CollegeFebruary 26March 2TBDTBD
Connecticut CollegeMar 8March 25TBDTBD
Cornell UniversityMar 30April 8TBDTBD
Curry CollegeMar 9Mar 17, 2019TBDTBD
Dalhousie UniversityFebruary 19February 23TBDTBD
Davidson CollegeMar 04March 8TBDTBD
Dean CollegeMar 3March 11TBDTBD
Delaware Valley CollegeMar 10March 17TBDTBD
DePaul UniversityMar 23March 29TBDTBD
DePauw UniversityMar 23March 31TBDTBD
Dickinson CollegeMar 8March 18TBDTBD
Drexel UniversityMar 16April 1TBDTBD
Duke UniversityMar 8Mar 18TBDTBD
Duquesne UniversityMar 04March 9TBDTBD
Dutchess C.C.March 10March 17TBDTBD
East Carolina UniversityMar 03March 10TBDTBD
Eastern Connecticut State UniversityMar 10March 17TBDTBD
Eastern Illinois UniversityMar 11March 15TBDTBD
Eastern Kentucky UniversityMar 11March 15TBDTBD
Edinboro University of PAMar 2March 11TBDTBD
Emerson CollegeMar 04March 8TBDTBD
Emily Carr University of Art and DesignFebruary 13February 16TBDTBD
Endicott CollegeMar 15March 25TBDTBD
Fairfield UniversityMar 16March 24TBDTBD
Fitchburg State CollegeMar 10March 17TBDTBD
Florida State UniversityMar 10March 17TBDTBD
Fordham University - Rose HillMar 18March 24TBDTBD
Framingham State CollegeMar 15March 25TBDTBD
Franklin Pierce UniversityMar 17March 24TBDTBD
George Mason UniversityMar 11March 17TBDTBD
Georgetown UniversityMar 24April 1TBDTBD
Georgia Institute of TechnologyMar 17March 24TBDTBD
Georgia Southern UniversityMar 18March 22TBDTBD
Georgia State universityMar 18March 24TBDTBD
Grant MacEwan UniversityFeb 19February 22TBDTBD
Harvard UniversityMar 16March 24TBDTBD
High Point UniversityMar 08March 18TBDTBD
Hofstra UniversityMarch 17March 24TBDTBD
Humber CollegeFebruary 19February 23TBDTBD
Illinois State UniversityMar 9March 17TBDTBD
Indiana State UniversityMar 25March 29TBDTBD
Indiana University BloomingtonMar 10March 17TBDTBD
Indiana University of PennsylvaniaMar 10March 17TBDTBD
Iona CollegeMarch 10March 17TBDTBD
Ithaca CollegeMar 9March 17TBDTBD
James Madison UniversityMar 03March 10TBDTBD
Johnson and Wales UniversityFebruary 24March 3TBDTBD
Kansas State UniversityMar 17March 24TBDTBD
Keen State CollegeMarch 8March 18TBDTBD
La Salle UniversityMar 12March 18TBDTBD
Lafayette CollegeMar 18March 22TBDTBD
Lakehead UniversityFebruary 20February 23TBDTBD
Laurentian UniversityFebruary 19February 23TBDTBD
Le Moyne CollegeMar 03March 10TBDTBD
Lehigh UniversityMar 10March 17TBDTBD
Loyola University in MarylandMar 04March 10TBDTBD
Manhattan CollegeMar 10March 17TBDTBD
Marist CollegeMar 16March 24TBDTBD
McMaster UniversityFebruary 19February 22TBDTBD
Memorial University of NewfoundlandFebruary 19February 23TBDTBD
Merrimack CollegeMarch 24March 31TBDTBD
Miami University-OHMar 25March 31TBDTBD
Michigan State UniversityMar 04March 8TBDTBD
Mississippi State UniversityMar 10March 17TBDTBD
Missouri State UniversityMar 9March 17TBDTBD
Missouri University of Science and TechnologyMar 24April 1TBDTBD
Mount Allison UniversityFebruary 19February 23TBDTBD
Mount Royal UniversityFebruary 19February 23TBDTBD
Mount Saint Vincent UniversityFebruary 19February 23TBDTBD
New York UniversityMar 18March 24TBDTBD
Nipissing UniversityFebruary 15February 19TBDTBD
Northeastern UniversityMar 03March 11TBDTBD
Northern Illinois UniversityMar 9March 17TBDTBD
Nova Southeastern UniversityMarch 5March 11TBDTBD
NSCAD UniversityFebruary 20February 23TBDTBD
OCAD UniversityFebruary 192/23/2018TBDTBD
Ohio Northern UniversityMar 04March 8TBDTBD
Ohio State University-Main CampusMar 11March 15TBDTBD
Ohio UniversityMar 11Mar 15TBDTBD
Oklahoma State UniversityMar 10March 17TBDTBD
Pennsylvania State Uni-Main CampusMar 3March 9TBDTBD
Plymouth State UniversityMarch 17March 24TBDTBD
Princeton UniversityMarch 16March 24TBDTBD
Purdue University-Main CampusMar 11March 16TBDTBD
Queens UniversityFebruary 20February 23TBDTBD
Quinnipiac UniversityMar 10March 17TBDTBD
Radford UniversityMar 09Mar 17TBDTBD
Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteMar 10March 17TBDTBD
Rhode Island CollegeMar 03Mar 10TBDTBD
Rice UniversityMar 9March 17TBDTBD
Rocky Mountain CollegeMarch 4March 10TBDTBD
Roger Williams UniversityMar 10March 17TBDTBD
Rowan UniversityMar 18March 23TBDTBD
Royal Military College of CanadaFebruary 19February 23TBDTBD
Rutgers UniversityMar 16March 24TBDTBD
Ryerson UniversityFebruary 17February 23TBDTBD
Sacred Heart UniversityMar 03Mar 10TBDTBD
Saint Francis UniversitMar 2March 10TBDTBD
Saint Francis Xavier UniversityFebruary 20February 24TBDTBD
Saint Mary's UniversityFebruary 20February 24TBDTBD
Saint Michael's CollegeMar 15Mar 25TBDTBD
Saint Paul UniversityFebruary 17February 24TBDTBD
Salem State University-MAMar 10Mar 17TBDTBD
Salve Regina UniversityMar 9March 17TBDTBD
Sam Houston State UniversityMar 10Mar 17TBDTBD
Siena CollegeMar 24March 31TBDTBD
Skidmore CollegeMar 9Mar 17TBDTBD
Southern Connecticut State UniversityMar 10Mar 17TBDTBD
St John's UniversityMarch 24March 31TBDTBD
St. Anselm CollegeMar 03March 10TBDTBD
St. Josephs UniversityMarch 10March 17TBDTBD
Stonehill CollegeMar 02Mar 10TBDTBD
Suffolk UniversityMar 10Mar 17TBDTBD
SUNY at AlbanyMar 10March 17TBDTBD
SUNY at BinghamtonMar 31Apr 8TBDTBD
SUNY at BuffaloMarh 18March 23TBDTBD
SUNY College at CortlandMar 18Mar 22TBDTBD
SUNY College at GeneseoMar 18Mar 22TBDTBD
SUNY College at OswegoMar 18Mar 22TBDTBD
Syracuse University Main CampusMar 10Mar 17TBDTBD
Texas State UniversityMar 10Mar 17TBDTBD
Towson UniversityMar 17March 24TBDTBD
Trent UniversityFebruary 19February 26TBDTBD
Trinity CollegeMar 16March 24TBDTBD
United State Military Academy-West PointMar 11March 18TBDTBD
United States Naval AcademyMar 9March 16TBDTBD
University of Akron-Main CampusMar 25March 31TBDTBD
University of AlbertaFebruary 20February 24TBDTBD
University of ArkansasMar 17March 24TBDTBD
University of British ColumbiaFebruary 17February 24TBDTBD
University of CalgaryFebruary 18February 25TBDTBD
University of Central FloridaMar 25March 29TBDTBD
University of Connecticut at StorrsMar 17March 23TBDTBD
University of DaytonMar 08Mar 18TBDTBD
University of DelawareMar 2904/08/2017TBDTBD
University of FloridaMar 02March 9TBDTBD
University of FrederictonMarch 10March 17TBDTBD
University of GuelphFebruary 17February 24TBDTBD
University of HartfordMar 16March 24TBDTBD
University of Illinois at Urbana ChampaignMar 16March 25TBDTBD
University of IowaMar 17March 24TBDTBD
University of King's CollegeFeb 17Feb 24TBDTBD
University of LethbridgeFebruary 17February 24TBDTBD
University of LouisvilleMar 11Mar 17TBDTBD
University of ManitobaFebruary 17February 24TBDTBD
University of Maryland-College ParkMar 17March 24TBDTBD
University of Massachusetts BostonMar 10Mar 17TBDTBD
University of Massachusetts DartmouthMar 10Mar 17TBDTBD
University of Massachusetts-AmherstMar 13Mar 18TBDTBD
University of Nebraska-LincolnMar 17March 24TBDTBD
University of New BrunswickMarch 5March 9TBDTBD
University of New HampshireMar 10Mar 17TBDTBD
University of New HavenMar 10Mar 17TBDTBD
University of North Carolina at Chapel HillMar 8Mar 18TBDTBD
University of Northern British ColumbiaFebruary 18February 22TBDTBD
University of Ontario Institute of TechnologyFebruary 17February 24TBDTBD
University of OttawaFebruary 17February 24TBDTBD
University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh CampusMar 03Mar 10TBDTBD
University of Prince Edward IslandFebruary 17February 24TBDTBD
University of ReginaFebruary 19February 24TBDTBD
University of Rhode IslandMar 11Mar 17TBDTBD
University of SaskatchewanFebruary 17February 24TBDTBD
University of South CarolinaMar 10Mar 17TBDTBD
University of TennesseeMar 18Mar 22TBDTBD
University of Texas at AustinMar 18Mar 23TBDTBD
University of the Fraser ValleyFebruary 11February 18TBDTBD
University of TorontoFebruary 17February 24TBDTBD
University of VermontMar 11Mar 15TBDTBD
University of VictoriaFebruary 10February 17TBDTBD
University of VirginiaMar 09Mar 17TBDTBD
University of WaterlooFebruary 17February 24TBDTBD
University of Western OntarioFebruary 17February 24TBDTBD
University of WindsorFebruary 17February 24TBDTBD
University of WinnipegFebruary 18February 22TBDTBD
Vanderbilt UniversityMar 02Mar 10TBDTBD
Villanova UniversityMar 04Mar 11TBDTBD
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityMar 09Mar 17TBDTBD
Wentworth Institute of TechnologyMar 02Mar 8TBDTBD
West Virginia UniversityMar 09Mar 17TBDTBD
Western Illinois UniversityMar 12Mar 16TBDTBD
Western Michigan UniversityMar 04Mar 8TBDTBD
Western New England UniversityMar 10Mar 17TBDTBD
Wheaton CollegeMar 9Mar 17TBDTBD
Wilfrid Laurier UniversityFebruary 17February 24TBDTBD
York UniversityFebruary 17Feb 24thTBDTBD

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