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Cameron Nuttall

Campus Vacations put together one of the best weeks of my life. All 4 off resort events were scheduled perfectly and it couldn't have been a better time. Jill, Pat, and Sasha couldn't have been more helpful and enthusiastic the whole trip. Justin and Emily were fantastic all throughout the whole planning process as well even though we were not at the same resorts. All together it was an amazing experience and would 100% recommend this trip to anyone in the upcoming years. You'll see me again next year CV.

Angela Fellini.jpg

Angela Fellini
PUNTA cana

I had a great experience in Punta Cana with Campus Vacations! They were always super accommodating and helpful when my friends and I had questions or concerns. CV organized great pool parties and beach parties at night time. The CV staff was also always very happy and upbeat which helped make for a great overall experience.



I had the most fun I have ever had in Cancun. Campus Vacations was the absolute best and the staff was so friendly and helpful.



I just got back from Campus Vacations Spring Break. It was so amazing I had the best time EVER. The staff was so helpful and so fun and amazing. The day parties were crazy and wild, so were the night events. There is definitely a reason why I go with Campus Vacations to book my Spring Break. You should definitely use Campus Vacations to book your spring break.



Spring Break 2017 was seriously the trip of a lifetime!! From the location, to the staff and the trip as a whole, it was an amazing time! As one of the only second years on the trip I can't wait to do it all over again in my fourth year.

Right from the start, everything was super organized. Emily did an awesome job of relaying information via the Facebook group and answering questions quickly! The "My Profile" section on the CV website was extremely helpful. All of my documents were laid out in front of my for the trip and it made travelling there super simple. A few days before the trip, someone from I Love Travel gave me a call and told me a bunch of information that I needed for the trip and it was extremely useful and defiantly settled my nerves when it came to travelling by myself.

When we got to the hotel for check in, there was a confusion on the hotels end and my room key was not with everyone else's. As you could guess this was really stressful as everyone had gone to their rooms already and my group was the only one left. In a matter of minutes, Sascha had organized a room for us and the problem was fixed! The CV staff were so quick to get our room ready for us and were extremely apologetic about the situation, even though it was a mess up by the Hotel.

I had a room of 3 and we stayed in the renovated section of the resort which was gorgeous! I loved that CV had a beach party every single day with a DJ, Bar, Food and all sorts of Games. It was awesome! We also loved the pool bar at the resort. If anything, the food wasn't my favourite but of course that's out of CV's control.

I didn't end up buying the party package, but we got the catamaran trip which for me was the highlight of the whole trip! It was a little disorganized when it came to people from other schools coming onto our boat which put it over capacity, but once again that was out of CV's control since the workers of the catamaran were supposed to be checking bracelets. I wish I did get the party package, just because the days where everyone was gone were kind of dead. I would say its worth the extra money!

Jill really pulled through on our way home and was extremely helpful when it came to navigating through the punta cana airport and making sure we had everything in order. Even on resort she was my go to girl to answer all my questions about the trip and what was happening. 

Emily, Sascha, Jill and Pat are really the people who made our trip amazing! Going with CV is SO much more fun then just going with a few friends. Theres always something to do or somewhere to go. I would definatly recommend this trip to anyone who is looking for a ton of fun with friends over Spring Break! Thanks CV for an awesome trip!!! 


Kaitlyn Maceachern
Ambassador, Cancun

In addition to the great social perks (and of course the free trip) being an Ambassador for my school for our spring break helped me to develop valuable sales and promotional skills as well great organization and planning expertise that have been very applicable to my life after university and have been transferable to my career! The Campus Vacations team did an amazing job planning every part of the trip down to the very last detail, and so as an Ambassador I felt proud to be a part of it and that I was able to give my friends and fellow peers such a great experience. 

Although the start to my trip may have been quite different from others (we were snowed in at the Halifax airport for the first two days of the trip) I definitely learned how to stay calm under pressure in a high stress situation as many students were getting frustrated and upset with the many, many... many fight delays. I was able to stay calm and keep everyone positive and excited for the trip, even though at that time it didn't look like we were even going to be going! Overall it felt great to be in such a leadership role and it helped me learn what I am capable of! 

Our trip itself (once we finally were able to leave the east Coast's polar vortex) was amazing! So much fun both day and night, and we were even able to go on a great ATV and high ropes excursion. All and all, being an Ambassador was a truly wonderful experience and I would definitely do it again in a heart beat. 


Reed Bracken

Cancun Spring Break was huge. For a lot of us it was the first time being outside of Canada and it was definitely breathtaking. The resorts that S-Trip! chose were awesome. I just have to say that the S-Trip! Staff were amazing and knew what they were doing. The relationships that they have with the hotels was really good, you could really tell. After wild nights we would pretty much start our days off by grabbing food and then starting all over again. We would either head to the beach bar or chill by the pool with everyone and drink throughout the afternoon. Grab some more food and then at night make our way to the lobby bar and get ready for a rowdy night. The S-Trip! Crew would organize everything and tell us when to start heading out to the clubs for the night. Two nights that really stand out are LMFAO at The City. That place is huge, and that night was ridiculous. Coco Bongo was awesome for different reasons. Their in house shows are better than anywhere. For me I'll always love Cancun. You can never get that anywhere else in the world. You honestly have to be there to believe it.

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Geoff g.
aka dj greeze

Punta Cana went off every night. It was epic with pool parties, foam parties, whale races, and a party in the middle of the ocean. PUJ was a crazy week with an awesome crew.


Sierra Webster

Spring Break is always the highlight of my year! These programs are nothing but good vibes, sunny days, and wicked people! I look forward to heading on more CV Spring Break trips in the future! 


Punta cana

Trip of lifetime, best week to be in the sun with friends drinking and partying! Everyone was super friendly. Shout out for making it such an amazing time!


mikenna lane

I traveled with Campus Vacation for my Spring Break grad trip! I attended Dalhousie University, and about 60 of us ventured to Cancun Mexico to celebrate finishing university. We stayed at the Oasis Resort, and had an amazing time. It was definitely the #TripofaLifetime. Through my role as a Campus Ambassador, I had to be charismatic, results driven, outgoing and passionate, and had to enjoy working with prospective students and their parents. It was so rewarding that I now work with CV full-time!


nick preobrazenski

For the past six years I've been a successful Ambassador, and I've had so much fun doing it. I worked with other outgoing and easy-going people, developed a skill set beyond what my University courses could offer, and brought my friends on unforgettable trips that they are still thankful for. It's no wonder why I kept coming back. I'll miss it.


Katana Cameron
Puerto Plata

The night events put on by CV were amazing and they really made my trip, especially the paint party. The Staff during my stay were amazing and deserve recognition for their helpfulness and friendliness.


Jennifer Sinnett

I saw Snoop Dogg live in concert on the Beach, went snorkelling with barracudas, won a contest at Señor Frog's, legit swam with alligators, went down a waterslide at a bar at night, held a lemur, monkey, iguana, parrot and toucan, went cliff diving, cave diving, zip-lining, and tubing, got stuck in an elevator, pool partied, beach partied, and boat partied, went to Coco Bongo, and got serenaded by an authentic mexican mariachi band. I made a huge dent in my bucket list and got a sick tan while doing it all ... Best Spring Break EVER!