Spring Break 101

Gorgeous destinations

Gorgeous destinations

Let's break down the basics of Spring Break. Consider this your intro to all things Campus Vacations Spring Break.



Thousands of Spring Breakers from around Canada and the United States brought together by Campus Vacations to create the ultimate college experience. The best resorts, clubs, parties, and events, this is a trip you have to do at least once during your college career.  We specialize in large group travel, including fraternities, sororities, and clubs.



Spending the best week of their college career partying down south with Campus Vacations on the best Spring Break trip that money can buy. Thousands of students are planning their trip down to CancunPunta CanaPuerto Vallarta or Cabo with their friends for the most excitement-filled week of the academic calendar.



We travel to 4 main Spring Break destinations:

  1. Cancun

  2. Punta Cana

  3. Puerto Vallarta

  4. Cabo



Every college is different. Find out when your Spring Break week is with our amazing Spring Break finder here. We have the dates and destinations for all major Spring Break schools. If your school isn't listed there give us a shout here and we'll add it to the list. Now you know "When is Spring Break for my school?"!



To celebrate getting through a hard year at school and take a load off in a beautiful Caribbean country. If you become an Ambassador there is even more reason to go on Spring Break! Take a break from your real life and treat yourself to a week away from all the stress. Spring Break is a tradition, a right of passage, and the best thing ever. Your future self will thank you!

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