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Join the Campus Vacations Spring Break experience for 2018! #WeLiveForThis

Join the Campus Vacations Spring Break experience for 2018! #WeLiveForThis


campus vacations Spring Break reviews from our amazing travelers:

Our travelers are the reason we do what we do! We are the experts in Spring Break travel and travel thousands of college students every year. To make sure you know you're traveling with the best, we've rounded up some awesome reviews from our epic travelers. There are tons of ways to travel with us. Become an Ambassador for your college, join a trip with your school, or work with us full-time! We get shit done and we want you and your school on Spring Break 2018!



Campus Vacations Spring Break Traveler:

"I just got back from Campus Vacations Spring Break. It was so amazing I had the best time EVER. The staff was so helpful and so fun and amazing. The day parties were crazy and wild, so were the night events. There is definitely a reason why I go with Campus Vacations to book my Spring Break. You should definitely use Campus Vacations to book your spring break."


Campus Vacations Spring Break Traveler:

"Campus Vacations put together one of the best weeks of my life. All 4 off resort events were scheduled perfectly and it couldn't have been a better time. Jill, Pat, and Sasha couldn't have been more helpful and enthusiastic the whole trip. Justin and Emily were fantastic all throughout the whole planning process as well even though we were not at the same resorts. All together it was an amazing experience and would 100% recommend this trip to anyone in the upcoming years. You'll see me again next year CV."



Campus Vacations Spring Break Traveler:
, Ambassador, CANCUN

"In addition to the great social perks (and of course the free trip) being an Ambassador for my school for our spring break helped me to develop valuable sales and promotional skills as well great organization and planning expertise that have been very applicable to my life after university and have been transferable to my career! The Campus Vacations team did an amazing job planning every part of the trip down to the very last detail, and so I felt proud to be a part of it and that I was able to give my friends and fellow peers such a great experience. 

Although the start to my trip may have been quite different from others (we were snowed in at the Halifax airport for the first two days of the trip) I definitely learned how to stay calm under pressure in a high stress situation as many students were getting frustrated and upset with the many, many... many flight delays. I was able to stay calm and keep everyone positive and excited for the trip, even though at that time it didn't look like we were even going to be going! Overall it felt great to be in such a leadership role and it helped me learn what I am capable of! 

Our trip itself (once we finally were able to leave the East Coast's polar vortex) was amazing! So much fun both day and night, and we were even able to go on a great ATV and high ropes excursion. All and all, being an Ambassador was a truly wonderful experience and I would definitely do it again in a heartbeat."


Campus Vacations Spring Break Traveler:

"I traveled with Campus Vacation for my Spring Break grad trip! I attended Dalhousie University, and about 60 of us ventured to Cancun Mexico to celebrate finishing university. We stayed at the Oasis Resort, and had an amazing time. It was definitely the #TripofaLifetime. 

Through my role as a Campus Ambassador, I had to be charismatic, results driven, outgoing and passionate, and had to enjoy working with prospective students and their parents. It was so rewarding that I now work with CV full-time!"

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