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Campus Rep Perks


1. Work with a dedicated Campus Vacations Account Manager to help plan an epic trip for your school

Our staff and service are the leaders in the group travel industry


2. Gain amazing experience

Being a Campus Vacations Rep is the best job to have during College. You'll gain experience in time management, sales, organizing a group, and improve your communication skills.


3. Meet tons of new people

Being a Campus Rep means you get to talk to everyone on campus, on your teams, and in your sorority or fraternity to get them on the trip with you!


4. Travel to a beautiful destination

Cancun, Punta Cana, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo... we bring you to the BEST Spring Break Beaches, Hotels, and Clubs.


5. Register first (and get the best accommodations)


6. Trip Discounts

* Trip discounts are based on group sizes. Speak with your Campus Vacations Account Manager for more details

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It was so amazing I had the best time EVER. The staff was so helpful and so fun and amazing. The day parties were crazy and wild, so were the night events. You should definitely use Campus Vacations to book your spring break.
— Corinne Olympios, Cancun 2017
Trip of lifetime, best week to be in the sun with friends drinking and partying! Everyone was super friendly. Shout out for making it such an amazing time!
— Willow Young
Punta Cana went off every night. It was epic with pool parties, foam parties, whale races, and a party in the middle of the ocean. PUJ was a crazy week with an awesome crew.
— Geoff G. aka DJ Greeze
I worked with other outgoing and easy-going people, developed a skill set beyond what my University courses could offer, and brought my friends on unforgettable trips that they are still thankful for.
— Nick Preobrazenski, Campus Rep