Spring Break Costa Rica Serves Up Sand and Surf

Spring Break Costa Rica is unlike any other program that Campus Vacations offers. There’s the pristine sand, the sun, and the water, but it’s the people that make Costa Rica so amazing. Mingle with the friendliest and most accommodating people you’ve ever met while you hang out in the sand and surf. The country has strictly regulated the tourist industry so as to not lead to rampant over-development, and resort towns and have taken a sustainable development approach. What this means is that the country has remained unspoiled and authentic.

Get the Best of Both Worlds with Spring Break Costa Rica

Costa Rica is amazingly diverse. In a matter of hours you can go from the hot sandy beaches to the cool cloud forest. There are so many Spring Break excursions that you’ll wish you had more time to do them all. The surfing towns dotting the coast each have their own charm and character – from Coco Beach to Tamarindo and everything in between. Tamarindo offers a 3.5 km stretch of pristine white sandy beach, warm turquoise water, and a town packed with shops and restaurants that appeal to every palette. Sign up for surf lessons from the pros and learn how to get up, ride, and shred a few sweet waves. You will burn some extra energy and have a wicked time in the water!

Spring Break Costa Rica is an Experience of a Lifetime

Get ready for this Las Vegas-style disco with an exclusive VIP level, a hulking two-storey, 6,000 square foot Costa Rican nightclub! Tamardindo’s signature hotspot includes a 30-foot water wall and is located right on the beach! With breathtaking views at dusk, Monkey Bar’s open-air bar area and live bands always draw the big crowds and will provide a night you’ll never forget! For one of the most unique vacations in the world, Costa Rica will satisfy all of your adventure needs, while adding a mix of extremely chill culture. Truly the best of both worlds.

Are you ready for Spring Break Costa Rica?


Costa Rica was absolutely beautiful. Best way to spend Spring Break. Take me back!

Braydon, McGill University